Start Big, Grow Bigger

Start Big, Grow Bigger

As you work to get your new brewery off the ground, you may wonder about how to appropriately size your brewery. You may be tempted to start with the smallest ProBrew brew house available, to save on costs.

However, before you make a commitment to going the cheapest route, take a look at the cost difference between a bigger ProBrew brew house and the smaller one, and take a look at the difference in the amount of beer you can produce by going bigger.

In many cases, the incremental cost between a two vessel brew house and a four vessel brew house is very small. Yet, purchasing a bigger brewhouse allows you to make more kinds of beer at once, or larger quantities of beer. You can get more product to market faster by going bigger from the beginning.

In addition to helping you to get more product to market faster, starting with a larger ProBrew brewhouse will allow you to grow your business more rapidly without requiring additional capital investment. You’ll be able to meet a large demand early on, or you’ll have the equipment you need to add an additional beer style without needing to purchase more equipment.

Since it’s likely you’ll be paying for your brew house over time; you’ll see that purchasing a larger brew house system, in the beginning, will increase your monthly payments only slightly over buying a small system. Even if you choose not to use every vessel at the start, it may be a good idea to buy the larger system.

As you complete your business plan and look at your capital needs, consider all the options when it comes to the size of brewing equipment. It may be far more cost effective for you to start big so that you can grow your business bigger faster!

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