What To Consider With Subsea Early Production Systems

What To Consider With Subsea Early Production Systems

Early production systems, which are sometimes more simply known as EPS, offer the opportunity to assess the potential profitability of a subsea drilling operation. This is different than a computer generated estimate of what can be expected, but rather they are lower cost option to start production of oil and then evaluate the potential of the reservoir based on actual production.

Subsea early production system companies offer a variety of different options and features. Choosing the one that is right for your particular projects starts with research companies and finding out if they provide truly customized solutions. Some models are simply scaled up or down based on the depth, while others are designed specifically for deep water use.

While cost will be a factor, there are other considerations to keep in mind as well. Talking to several companies offering subsea early production system solutions should always be a priority. This will provide a good understanding of several of the important considerations that have to be in place to choose the right company to work with.


While drilling on land requires experience, drilling in deep waters or even shallower water requires both an understanding of drilling technology as well as true experience in working in these very challenging environments.

Working with an experienced, reputable company is essential. Mistakes, oversight and simple lack of understanding of the potential risks and dangers of this type of drilling are significantly more likely with inexperienced companies and professionals involved.

Full Service and Support

Experience may be the most important consideration, but the scope of the services and support offered by the company will also be essential in choosing the right subsea early production system provider. Look for a company that has the ability to assist with and complete design, installation, commissioning and maintaining the system. This should include all the equipment between the platform and the wellhead.

Integration testing and subsea solutions should also be part of the services offered by the company, giving your company the advantage of working with a partner with the knowledge, experience and expertise required.

Some of the subsea oilfield services are more global than others. Depending on where you are interested in early production it will be important to verify the company has the ability to get the job done in the specific location you are drilling. This experience and knowledge of working in that geographic area of the world can also be invaluable, helping to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

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