Looking For Lead Plates For Sale?

Looking For Lead Plates For Sale?

In different types of construction jobs or specific types of fabrication or manufacturing needs, there may be a call for lead plate. Lead plate and sheeting are commonly used in construction in facilities where radiation is used, most specifically for imaging rooms or in research facilities or even in nuclear applications.

Finding lead plates for sale for these types of applications is not always easy. The sheer weight of this type of material makes it impractical for many metal supply companies to keep in stock. While it may be available through these centers by special order, you may be looking at extremely long turnaround times and very high costs for special orders.

Specialty Companies

The first place to look for lead plates for sale is at a specialty lead supplier. These companies, which only provide lead products, have the highest in-house inventory as well as the services and support needed to select the ideal plate, sheeting, bricks or shielding materials required for any job.
They are also aware of the current requirements for radiation shielding in different types of facilities and applications. This support is an invaluable service and will ensure the order placed will meet all code requirements and industry standards.

Special Orders

While there are many different standard sizes in lead plates for sale, having the ability to order to the specifics of the job is important when working with lead. Look for companies that have the ability to customize the order to your specific needs. This may include thicknesses from extremely thin at 0.015 inches to up to 5 inches in thickness.

Likewise, look for companies that offer the width and length options that are ideally suited to a job or project. This can include rolled solid plate or individual sheet material in widths of up to 110 inches and lengths up to twenty-five feet.

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