Staining And Sealing A Deck And Other Projects That Are Completed By An Outdoor Remodeling Company In Kent WA

A custom deck can enhance the outside of a home and provide its owner with an attractive area to relax and share special moments with friends and family members. Many types of wood are used to create decks and with the proper protection, building materials will last for years. Once a wooden deck has been installed, a coat of stain and sealer will improve the deck’s appearance and will prevent moisture from penetrating and causing damage to portions of the wood.

An Outdoor Remodeling Company in Kent WA sells a variety of products that property owners can apply with some basic materials. Before a deck is stained, debris should be removed from its surface with a broom. Afterwards, a cleaning solution can be made by mixing detergent and water together in a bucket. The cleaning solution can be applied to surface stains with a deck brush. Once stains have been eliminated, rinsing the deck’s surface with a strong stream of water will remove any soapy residue that remains.

A coat of stain needs to be applied to dry wood. Stain is often applied with a paint roller or a standard paintbrush. Any fine details in a deck’s surface can be covered with a thin paintbrush or a rag. Once the stain dries, it is important to seal it right away. Sealer will add shine to a deck’s surface and will prevent wood from rotting. Sealer needs to be applied in the same manner as stain. One or two coats of sealer will provide sufficient coverage that will last for years.

If any additional changes to a deck’s appearance or a piece of property are desired, an individual can visit or the website of another Outdoor Remodeling Company in Kent WA in order to learn about some decorative and functional features that are often added to pieces of property. Remodeling a piece of property will increase its value and will provide an owner with a pleasant spot to enjoy themselves while they are outdoors. A company that completes remodeling projects is licensed and insured and will customize a project so that results are satisfying for each client who hires them.

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