Commercial Storefronts in Columbus IN that Attract Attention

Commercial Storefronts in Columbus IN that Attract Attention

Glass Commercial Storefonts in Columbus IN are sure to attract the attention of shoppers, drivers, and passers by. Whether the business has clear glass to highlight the merchandise inside, or etched glass to make a name of logo stand out, people will notice. Other options for glass include safety glass, decorative glass, tinted, frosted, beveled, or painted glass. Different panels can be used to create a two-toned effect, or to entice people without showing them everything available on the shelves. Clear glass, alternated with etched panels, for example, allow some items to be visible, but not everything. Customers will be intrigued by what they see, and what they cannot see. Either way, they will be more likely to enter the store.

Shops in a large mall begin to look the same to people who have been shopping all morning or afternoon. Commercial Storefronts in Columbus IN that look completely different will capture the eye, and encourage people to browse. It is especially helpful for smaller shops that can get overlooked among the larger entrances. Sometimes shops in the small wings or alcoves of the mall tend to be missed. People will notice the big box anchor store and decide to pass on the area. A custom store front is hard to miss, so investing in one will increase traffic and lead to higher revenues. Many people will enter a shop just to see what is inside, if their interest is piqued by the store front.

The most convenient way to get a great glass store front is to work with an experienced company that can complete the project from start to finish. Companies with decades of experience, such as Kenny Glass, for example, can handle all the aspects of creating a great custom store front. There are professionals who will design the store front, provide professional project management and support staff, procure all the supplies and accessories needed for doors and electronic access, and have experienced installers and qualified glaziers put it all into place. Other commercial projects include glass curtain walls, mirrors, custom display cases and shelving, glass handrails and staircases, table tops, cabinets, and counters. Make the business stand out from all the rest in the area and increase the number of shoppers who come through the entrance.

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