Advantages Of Hiring Law Firms In Abu Dhabi For Business Development

One of the challenges of setting up a business in a free zone in the United Arab Emirates is the issue with finding up to date, accurate information. Often the information on websites, even government sites, is not accurate, which creates difficulties for entrepreneurs and business owners in the United Kingdom and across the rest of the world.

With the advantages to opening a business in Abu Dhabi, particularly in the free zones, these issues with inaccurate or old information online can result in delays in completing the documentation required to be approved as a business entity.

To address these issues, smart business owners will use experienced international law firms to provide consultation and the latest in information. Lawyers from these firms, particularly those that specialize in assisting international investors in the area, can streamline the application process and ensure all steps are completed.

The Process of Opening a Business

For a foreigner to open a business in Abu Dhabi and retain 100% ownership, the only option is to operate in a free zone. There are many advantages in this option including no taxes and no import or export duties.

However, there are some issues to consider as well, which is where law firms can make a difference. At the STA Law firm, our lawyers will talk to each business owner to determine which type of company and if free zone or mainland businesses are the best matches. With mainland businesses, there will be a requirement for a UAE national to sponsor the company and the foreign business owner will only retain 49% of the business.

As one of the top international law firms in the UAE offering consultation and support for business owners throughout the process, STA Law can save you time and money. To find out more, Visit the website.

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