Should Your Company Be Recycling in Long Island, NY?

Should Your Company Be Recycling in Long Island, NY?

It’s no secret that the average business creates a lot of trash over the course of the work week. From used up supplies and paperwork to copper pipes, there are lots of opportunities for recycling. But it can be tough for a business to take on the responsibility of Recycling in Long Island NY alone. Instead, companies like V. Garofalo Carting Inc. offer an ideal solution without the hassle.

The Paper Trail

Look around at the trash cans in the average office. Many are filled up with papers that could be recycled instead of thrown away. Corporate Recycling in Long Island NY could be as simple as collecting those papers separately from the rest of the trash. This requires minimal work on the part of employees but can have a large impact on the environment. The goal is to make the task simple by setting up convenient locations to drop off the paper. Consider adding a large container somewhere on the office floor that everyone walks by frequently. Or, to make recycling even easier, place a small container under the desk of each person in the office. It takes just a second to reach down and toss papers into the container. Regular pick-ups by a local company ensure that there isn’t a large build up of paperwork left in the office.

Construction Debris Recycling

On a construction site, there are lots of items that are going to be headed straight for the trash. However, some things can be recycled. This means that companies that aren’t recycling could be increasing unnecessary waste. It is important to separate these items and makes sure they are taken to the proper recycling center. Recycling companies work with businesses to establish a way to set aside recyclable items and collect them at a later date.

Sometimes individuals and businesses skip over recycling because they don’t believe their contributions will really make that much of a difference. However, when businesses come up with a plan, getting employees to participate on a regular basis, the impact quickly increases. Setting up recycling in an office or job site setting doesn’t have to be time-consuming or take away from work. Instead, look for a local company to help get the process started. You can visit here to get more information.

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