Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Bee Control In Pittsburgh

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Bee Control In Pittsburgh

Homeowners who discover a swarm of stinging bees on their property or around their house should not hesitate to call in a professional who specializes in Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh. Bee stings not only hurt, but individuals who are allergic to bee stings can have a medical emergency if they’re stung by these insects. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn necessary information about bumble bees and how they can be controlled by a professional.

Q.) Is it possible for bumble bees to get into the house and make a nest?

A.) While bumble bees normally make their hives outside in a hollowed out portion of a tree, it’s not uncommon for bees to get inside a home or other structure and make a nest. Bees are often discovered in attics or in the middle of a wall. While these insects won’t damage the structural integrity of the home, they can sting the occupants, and they often attract different kinds of insects and rodents.

Q.) Is it safe for a homeowner to try and remove the bees instead of calling a professional?

A.) Individuals who are not experienced with bee and hive removal should never attempt to remove or destroy the hive or the bees. This can be very dangerous for someone who isn’t familiar with bees and bee removal.

Q.) What can a homeowner expect when a professional comes to remove the bees?

A.) A professional who specializes in Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh will first locate and examine the hive to determine the species of bees that’s on the property. The professional will safely remove the hive and use chemicals that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to successfully get rid of the bees. Some professional bee removal experts are available 24 hours a day so homeowners won’t have to worry about being attacked by bees, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

The-Beeman specializes in the control of stinging insects including bees, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. To contact The Bee Man for 24 hour emergency service and to request a free estimate for bee removal, browse the website.

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