Benefits of Recycling in Suffolk County NY

Benefits of Recycling in Suffolk County NY

Recycling in Suffolk County NY helps solve one of the biggest environmental problems. Recycling involves collecting and separating materials to re-manufacture old products into new ones, and the use of the new products make recycling complete. Most of the environment’s problems are associated with damaging substances that are being thrown away. Glass bottles, newspapers, coke cans, cardboard boxes, and wrappers are just a few of the substances damaging the environment. Knowing what to recycle, and how much damage is done to the ecosystem is the best place to start!


The glass is the most common man-made material to recycle. Glass is completely recyclable, therefore, making products from recycled glass helps save energy resources. The materials in glass are heated to a high temperature until they all melt together. Once pulled from the molten furnace glass cools to form sheets, and can be molded into objects. Recycled glass is made into new food jars, insulation, other construction materials, and beverage bottles. Clear glass containers will be recycled into new glass containers, and colored glass will be recycled into new colored glass products.


The process for recycling paper involves the conversion of waste paper to different types of finer grades of paper. First, there must be careful sorting. The paper must be sorted removing plastic wrapping, and removing all paper clips and staples. Waste paper is then sorted by newsprint, computer paper, and magazines. The ink must then be removed. Ink removal is done by soaking the paper and breaking it into small pieces in giant washers, then pouring chemicals on it that will loosen the ink so that it can be washed away. Finally, the wet, shredded paper is blended with other materials. Old pieces of cloth, wood pulp, and other forms of cellulose may be added in. The paper passes through a beater, and is formed and held together.


Recycling in Suffolk County NY can be done by V. Garofalo Carting Inc. Not many people understand the urgency or need to recycle, however, if everyone understood the damage, not recycling does to the ecosystem, more people would take action and start taking care of the beautiful environment and country!

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