Should You Choose a Halon Fire Extinguisher?

Should You Choose a Halon Fire Extinguisher?

Knowledge from your school days may remind you how a fire can begin. Required, are a fuel that can burn, a source of oxygen and something to start the fire that causes the ignition. They may also have taught you that you need to remove one of these 3 to stop a fire. A Halon fire extinguisher works differently because it breaks the chain reaction. It prevents the fuel, oxygen and ignition from working together.

Do You Need to Understand the Different Classes of Fires?

Your life and dealing with an emergency may be helped by understanding the differences between class A (solids like wood, paper and plastic,) class B (flammable liquids like petrol or oil,) class C (flammable gases like propane or butane,) class D (metals like magnesium,) class E (electrical fires,) and class F (cooking fats and oils) fires and extinguisher use.

Environmentally Friendly?

Halon is not easy to dispose of and studies have found that it is an ozone-depleting substance. You will need to check whether it is legal to use a halon fire extinguisher where you live or work.

One advantage of using a halon fire extinguisher is that it can be used to put out a fire without leaving a residue which may damage the surrounding area. As it is a liquefied gas, it can be used at a larger range from a fire than most portable fire extinguishers.

The second advantage of using this model is that it can be used on class A, B and C fires.

As halon is no longer being produced, you may not commonly see these fire extinguishers available for sale. Nevertheless, they are the preferred choice of fire extinguisher for use within aircraft.

You can ask your local fire extinguisher supplier about whether they are prepared to supply these extinguishers, remembering also to request information about returning the models to the supplier when they are no longer usable or effective.

Getz Fire Equipment Company uses almost 60 years of experience to provide failsafe fire protection equipment including Halon fire extinguishers. We provide safety solutions and training for your employees.

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