Benefits Of Portable Science Lab Sinks In Schools

Benefits Of Portable Science Lab Sinks In Schools

School budgets have not recovered from the massive spending cuts that the recent Recession forced on state and education budgets. Schools have had to do so much so with so little that one could even say that now they can do everything with nothing. Sadly that is not the truth. Instead schools are crowded, and with STEM fields growing in popularity, science labs and classrooms find themselves overcrowded, packed into the very finite spaces in which science classes are expected to operate.

How Make the Most of It
Portable science lab sinks offer a way to make the most of the space schools have, without the expense and hassle of extending existing plumbing throughout a science-lab classroom or installing plumbing from scratch in classrooms that do not have any plumbing to begin with. The units are fully self-contained, with a water reservoir, on-demand water heater, pump, basin, faucet, and wastewater tank. These units come numerous different configurations including an instructor’s desk, group tables for up to five students, and workstations that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Putting Students First
Scientific education is a field that is vital to America’s economic wellbeing, and STEM education is considered a national priority, even in K-5 years. How better to engage young minds than with a curriculum of hands-on, exciting experiments where students learn by doing? By making the most of space and budget, it’s possible to give your faculty the tools they need to engage students with real science experiments and demonstrations, rather than just relying on books and videos. You will see improvements in student engagement as teachers come up with interactive lesson plans perfect for young and active minds. Bring science back to the classroom, in the most budget and space friendly way possible.

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