The Importance of Weekly Fire Pump Testing in Illinois

The Importance of Weekly Fire Pump Testing in Illinois

Fire pumps are important parts of fire sprinkler systems. They take in water and raise the pressure so the system can deliver enough water to suppress fires. Most have their own source of power, so you don’t have to depend on standard electricity sources in times of emergency. It’s important to have fire pump testing in Illinois on a routine basis, and if you do a weekly test and inspection, you’ll have a safer and more dependable fire suppression system. The following tips can make the process go a little easier.

Why Weekly Inspections?

Weekly inspections and testing can uncover problems when they are in their early stages. These are the easiest problems to correct. After all, you can’t afford to have any trouble with your sprinkler system, or it could be disastrous to your Illinois business.

What is a Typical Weekly Inspection?

Your weekly fire pump testing should put the system through a “dry run.” Don’t just turn on the pump. First, open up your test line, so the pressure in the system will drop. This is what happens when a sprinkler comes on, and you’ll see how fast the pump reacts to the pressure drop.

Start up the power generator and let it run for about 20 minutes or so. This is the best way to tell if it’s in good shape or not. If the pump works off an electrically powered motor, there’s no need to run it longer than 10 minutes or so. While it’s running, make sure the water is going into a drain.

Make sure no water is going through the pressure relief valves. Check the pump for signs of overheating.

Talk to your fire pump testing professionals in Illinois about tips and tricks for weekly inspections. They can do your monthly or annual testing and make sure your system stays in top shape.

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