What To Expect During The Installation Of Eyelash Extensions In Philadelphia

The best way to make a person’s eyes pop and stand out from their other facial features is to highlight the eyelashes, which creates contrast and depth. The problem is that many women suffer from thinning eyelashes, which commonly occurs as they age. Fortunately, eyelash extensions in Philadelphia allow anyone to have the long and lush lashes they want without the use of medications or undergoing a surgical procedure. Here is a quick look at what the process of installing eyelash extensions entails.

Initial Examination

The aesthetician performing the procedure will place the client in a chair and gently lay them back so that they can have easy access to the eye and its surrounding area. They will inspect the eye and any existing lashes to make sure that no health issues exist that can prevent the installation from being successful. They will then remove any loose lashes so that they will not impact the final result.

Lash Installation

After the examination, they will begin installing the extensions. The technician will apply a hair made from synthetic fibers to each existing lash, and bond it together through a heat process. This ensures a secure hold that will not fail, and will only need to be replaced as the lashes grow out. They will continue the process, connecting the extensions to the lashes until they entire upper and lower lids have been completed.

Trimming and Final Inspection

Once the Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia have been secured, they will then trim the lashes so that they are shaped and provide a natural look. They will then inspect the lashes for any imperfections and make any adjustments needed. Next, they will allow the client to examine the eyelashes and then apply a layer of mascara, so the lashes stand out and help to further frame the client’s eyes.

It can be frustrating to deal with thinning lashes, but extensions can give anyone the long, lush look they deserve. The trained technicians at Beautiful You By Christine offer a complete array of services, including top quality extensions. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step in overcoming thinning eyelashes once and for all.

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