Selecting The Right Beverage Processing Equipment

Selecting The Right Beverage Processing Equipment

Over the past several years, the cost for purchasing beverage processing equipment has continued to rise. With an ongoing demand for such beverages of all types worldwide, consumers are continuously looking for a company to deliver exactly what they want. If a company is to be successful, it must have the right equipment. As a major expenditure (and investment), someone venturing into the market of beverage production, must be certain to purchase the right equipment. There is no margin for what can easily become a costly error.

Beverage Processing Systems: Choosing the Product First

From the beginning, it is important to establish what types of beverages your company plans to produce. If the machinery is to be involved in the production of soft drinks is the company going to focus on any specific type. The soft drink category includes those products composed of water or mineral water as well as sugar, aromas, and essences or flavors. Many, but not necessarily all, contain carbon dioxide. This is not the case with other beverage products including:

  • Flavored water
  • Sports drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Ice teas

The choice of product will definitely affect the choice of equipment. In particular, it will decide whether you need to obtain a carbonator. There is a very distinct difference between the equipment you would require for carbonated products and those referred to as “near-water products.” For the latter, you would need to rely on dosing technology to produce it.

Choosing Beverage Processing Equipment

Before deciding on the processing equipment, it is very important to talk to your production manager about the factors that will influence what you choose. These factors will have an impact on the set-up and equipment choice. Besides the specific choice of product – carbonated, non-carbonated or both, these factors will help to determine the specifics of the equipment selection process:

  • Output: What is the projected output of the facility
  • Batch Size
  • Raw Materials: Types and number
  • Space: This is a major factor in determining how much and what type of equipment you can select. Inline takes up less space.
  • Budget: No matter what equipment you want, the budget will affect the equipment choice. Tanks may be more affordable than continuous blend

It is essential to determine these specifics before going ahead to purchase the equipment for the facility.

Beverage Processing Equipment:

The selection of the right beverage processing machinery is the result of planning. It involves deciding what the plant can contain. It requires knowing space allotment and budget restrictions. Only after taking into consideration such essential factors is it possible to determine the specific beverage processing equipment that will serve best all of the company’s interests.

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