Have a Wet Basement in Natick, MA? Local Waterproofing Experts Can Help

Damp Massachusetts basements are so common that many homeowners take them for granted. In fact, the musty spaces can signal issues that are causing home damage and health problems. Fortunately, professionals like Drycrete Waterproofing, Inc. offer solutions. When a client reports a wet basement in Natick MA waterproofing experts provide fixes that include foundation repair, moisture control, and moisture prevention wraps.

Technicians Can Seal Foundation Cracks

Water can enter homes through cracks in concrete foundations. A Wet Basement in Natick MA is often caused by just a few small fissures that allow moisture to form and encourage mold and mildew growth. That is the reason so many older homes have a telltale musty odor. Fortunately, homeowners who go online and check out Drycretewp.com can arrange professional repairs. These experts use a flexible resin that fills voids completely and is not affected by temperature changes. Resin-based repairs are effective on concrete, steel, and masonry.

Controlling Moisture Is An Important Step

Wet basements can be caused by seeping exterior ground water or humid air that gets in and condenses on cool surfaces. In these cases, technicians often recommend French drains which safely carry liquids away. Moisture control systems can include sump pumps that remove water. Homes may also become moisture damage as a result of humidity due to cooking, unvented clothes dryers or bathrooms. Waterproofing technicians can provide dehumidifiers that prevent problems such as fogging windows, mold, and structural damage.

Special Wraps Prevent Moisture Seepage

Waterproofing companies can also wrap some spaces in moisture barriers. They typically use a reinforced flexible membrane to cover the walls in crawl spaces. However, some customers have entire basements sealed with the barrier. In just a few hours technicians will create dry, clean, usable spaces from dark, dingy areas. The wrap they use conforms to all building codes and completely stops moisture penetration. It is bright white, which lightens spaces as it protects. The tear resistant wrapping comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Although damp basements are common in Massachusetts homes, many residents have discovered a solution. They arrange for area waterproofing experts to diagnose issues and then provide equipment to control interior and exterior moisture sources. Professionals can also add moisture barriers that protect crawl spaces and basements.

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