Selecting Personalized Headstones in CT

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Business

When someone passes away, the family is often left with the task of selecting the headstone they wish to use to memorialize their loved one. There are several options available when selecting Headstones in CT. If the family wishes to use a headstone with a bit of personality in the way it is presented, they may want to consider one of the following options.

Many find placing a photograph of the deceased right on the headstone is a great way to remember how they had looked while they were alive. A medallion piece can be adhered to a headstone depicting the image of the person so those who view it will be reminded of their appearance.

Adding an etched design to a headstone is a wonderful way to show others something the deceased had enjoyed. If the person had children or pets, drawn images of them could be etched onto the stone so others can get a glimpse of the lifestyle the person had experienced. Consider placing a scene of a favorite location or activity the person had been involved with.

Some people like adding an inscription on a stone that reminds others of the deceased in a more personal manner than just their name and dates of birth and death. Have one of the person’s favorite slogans or phrases added to the stone along with the standard information.

One way to memorialize a person is to place a headstone at the end of a bench. This is a nice way to allow those visiting to rest and reflect upon the person’s life as they visit. Another way to personalize a headstone is to have it custom-made in the unique shape. The stone will stand out from the others in the cemetery, making it easy to locate the area the person is buried.

If someone is searching for ideas for unique headstones in CT, they can contact a monument service for more information. Visit Shelley Bros Inc to see some samples of headstones and to start the process of constructing one that fits the personality of the person who had recently passed away.

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