Understanding Data Cabling in Omaha

Cables have one of two functions. They are either power cables or data cables. Power cables typically connect a machine to a power source and transmit the electricity that makes it function. Data cables, on the other hand, carry information from one machine or device to another.

Electronic information is transmitted via various types of data cables. Data cables allow devices to communicate with each other through binary signals. Computers in a network require data cables, as do peripheral devices like a computer monitor or a camera. Maintenance and repair of Data Cabling in Omaha is important for any business that relies on transmission of data via computer networks or telecommunication.

There are several different kinds of data cables.

One type consists of two twisted copper wires. Both wires are insulated but are twisted together in a way that protects the quality of the signal. These cables are used primarily for computer networking and include Ethernet cables. USB cables are also made of paired wires. USB cables transmit data between devices, often between a computer and a peripheral device. Fire-wire is a similar cable with high bandwidth, but it is less commonly used than USB.

Another type of cable is a coaxial cable. It is made of an insulated solid wire core. Because it has a higher bandwidth, it is used to transmit data over digital phone networks.

A fiber optic cable is a third type of data cable that transmits data through pulses of light. This type of lightweight cable is known for its use in transmitting cable television and telephone signals.

All types of data cables are subject to wear or malfunction and may need to be repaired or replaced at some point. An experienced electrician understands how the various types of data cables are constructed and function. He or she can safely install, repair or replace cable so that the technology we depend on continues to function smoothly.

If you are looking for Data Cabling in Omaha, you might check out Brase Electrical Contracting Corp. They are an experienced and reputable company who have been in the business for more than 50 years.

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