Selecting the Best Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale

A lot of the choices we make in modern life can feel a bit like a gamble, but when you are considering the best treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale for yourself or a loved one, you cannot take chances. This is because you need to be sure that the outcomes include detoxification, sobriety and ongoing support to ensure you remain on track. If you don’t put in a bit of time to research the treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale for your needs, you can waste time and money as well as risk falling back into unhealthy habits.

How do you figure out the ideal treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale for your needs or those of a loved one? You ask questions! Below are several key questions that can help you figure out which is the best program:

What addiction treatment methods are at work in your program? This is important because it can help you to do some additional research to discover the effectiveness of the methods. For example, a program may be using a method that does not offer the same effectiveness for drugs as it does for alcohol. It may not have any clinical research to back it up, and so on.

How many counselors are there for each patient? This is rarely asked, and that is unfortunate because it is important. Whether one on one or in group sessions, you want a realistic ratio of patients to each counselor. You need to be sure your issues are addressed, and that the expert assigned to help you is not spread so thin that they cannot be of much benefit.

Will the program be gender specific? Again, this is important. Whether inpatient or outpatient, many people struggle to discuss their addictions in front of the opposite sex. If you feel it would be better to have all female or all male participants, be sure that the center makes that available.

Will there be something other than another substance used to treat addiction? Some programs use alternative compounds to help patients overcome addiction. However, some view this as a substance to replace a substance and not true sobriety. If this is not in line with your philosophies or goals, find a facility that does not use medications as part of sobriety.

When narrowing down treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale, don’t forget to inquire about detox, individualized programs, medical/psychological/social support, and other elements that may be important to you or your loved one.

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