Seeking Help From An Allergy Doctor In Louisville, KY

Seeking Help From An Allergy Doctor In Louisville, KY

Over two million Americans have allergic reactions to bee stings. Sadly, fifty people die each year from severe reactions. In children, the reaction is usually limited to hives. However, adults may have difficulty breathing and low blood pressure. Doctors recommend epinephrine for their patients. In fact, they should have self-injecting devices. Additionally, doctors may refer some people to an allergist for testing and possible immunotherapy. People tend to react more from stings involving yellow jackets, wasps and hornets.

An Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY tests patients to verify the allergy. Make sure to Visit Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center. Expect the doctor to take a thorough medical history. A discussion will follow about the benefits and side effects of immunotherapy. If the patient seeks treatment, the allergist schedules a skin test. At that visit, the patient’s skin is pricked with a small needle device, containing bee venom. Various reactions verify the allergy and what bee the person is allergic to. Afterward, the allergist may recommend allergy shots.

The patient receives small amounts of bee venom a couple of times a month. The shots are given in the arm for several months. More venom is injected at each visit until the patient reaches the maintenance stage. This means you will only need a monthly shot for a few years. Hopefully, the severe reactions will stop. Regular visits to an Allergy Doctor in Louisville KY becomes a way of life. Indeed, the patient learns what to expect. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for several hours before and after the shot. Increased blood flow may cause the venom to travel through the body too quickly.

As a result, the allergy shot could cause a bad reaction. Most allergists require patients to stay at the office for a while after the shot. People are observed for any signs of a reaction. Of course, there is some pain around the injection site which goes away in a few hours. Doctors recommend Rush immunotherapy for some patients. This treatment involves getting doses of venom closer together. Therefore, patients reach the maintenance stage quickly. Whatever the treatment, it is important that people get help for this serious allergy.

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