Reviewing Factors that Affect a Case with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in New London, CT

by | May 27, 2016 | Lawyers

In Connecticut, motor vehicle drivers are required to follow all auto insurance laws. These laws are enforced to reduce the impact of personal injury-based lawsuits. However, non-compliant drivers who cause accidents are still liable for associated costs. A motorcycle accident lawyer in New London, CT, represents victims of these accidents.

Laws that Apply to Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a moving violation. It could result in limited visibility of the motorcycle rider. It could also lead to issues when they choose to turn near automobiles. This action is illegal in Connecticut. If it is the cause of the accident, the motorcycle rider is at fault for the accident.

Helmet and Protective Gear Laws

The state of Connecticut requires all motorcycle riders to wear helmets and protective gear. A failure to wear the required gear could result in a comparative fault ruling. This failure presents them with a percentage of the blame for their injuries. The value of this percentage could equate to the loss of a portion of their monetary award.

Severe Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents could lead to severe injuries. This could include the loss of a limb, disfigurement, or a brain injury. The severity level of their injuries could determine the value of their award. The court evaluates how the injuries affected the victim’s life. If the injuries prevent them from working, the court may award a value based on their anticipated lifetime earnings.

Criminal Moving Violations

Criminal moving violations could include reckless driving or DUI. These events are often the cause of motorcycle accidents. Automobile drivers who don’t see these riders could speed around them and cause a collision. Impairments due to DUI could prevent them from reacting fast enough to prevent the accident. The actions are punishable under criminal law and could increase the probability of an award to the victim.

In Connecticut, motor vehicle owners are required to purchase and maintain liability insurance. These policies provide coverage for medical expenses and auto repair requirements. Drivers who fail to acquire coverage could become a defendant in an accident claim. Victims of these accidents need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in New London, CT, by contacting Stephen M. Reck or browsing this website for more information today.

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