Precision Pulley: History, Primary Products And Industries Served

Precision Pulley: History, Primary Products And Industries Served

If you are looking for a precise pulley, you could consider Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI). This company supplies a variety of high quality components that comprise conveyor systems for different states, including Louisiana and Texas as well as nationally and internationally. This emphasis on superior conveyor components, such as pulleys, idlers and bearings, has been their focus since they first opened up their business in 1977.

A Brief History of PPI

This well-known company first opened up shop, as noted above, in 1977. Initially, they produced CEMA drum and wing pulleys. As the company gained more experience and the excellence of its products became evident, they increased their line of products. Today, they are capable of providing their clients with a complete array of pulleys as well as bearings, idlers and take-up frames.

Unlike other companies of its size and focus, PPI is employee owned. This quality ensures that every employee meets and even exceeds the demands and goals of the company. Not only do they work hard to provide customers with their needs, but they do so with expediency. Precision Pulley and Idler employees not only talk, they actually listen to what their clients have to say. In doing so, they remain responsive both to the marketplace and the special needs of a client.

Over time, the goals of the company and its employees have become concrete. They are simple but are ones all involved parties live by. PPI is committed to providing:

  • High-performance conveyor components
  • Competitive prices
  • Unequaled customer service – This involves in putting the demands and needs of the client first every time while making sure the option selected is compatible and applicable
  • Quick response and delivery

The employees at PPI listen. They propose and support new ideas for products as well as changes in existing ones. The overall results of such an approach are evident in the growth of the company as well as improved potential and profitability.

Characteristics of Precision Pulley and Idler’s Products

PPI’s products offer its customers in Texas and beyond, designs that reduce issues that can be common among such items. They offer products that:

  • Offer maintenance free designs
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Smart products
  • Have interior motion sensors
  • Are adaptable
  • Can handle heavy pulley mounts that were considered impossible
  • Range from light to heavy loads

Overall, these high quality, reliable and versatile products provide Precision Pulley and Idler customers in the construction, mining, solid wastewater power generation and general industrial market, with the kind of service they are looking for in a product of this nature.

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