Save Your Employees Time And The Company’s Money With Occupational Medicine In Cincinnati OH

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Health

Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH can include pre-employment physicals, worker’s compensation cases, work injury treatment and general medical care for employees. This procedure is not performed in a hospital or a private physician’s office but in a clinic. The amount of time spent at a clinic is much less than waiting at a hospital outpatient area for treatment. It is also lower in costs than seeking medical treatment from an emergency room. Drug screening can also be performed quickly and efficiently for pre-employment or random drug testing for employees. The physical exams include DOT and non-DOT physical examinations.

Collaborating with an a clinic that offers Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH offers extended hours beyond a normal doctor’s office with many more medical services than a doctor’s office can perform. An employee can be seen and evaluated after an injury. The rehabilitation the employee is in need of can be performed at the same facility. There is no need for several doctors to be following the same patient when one office can monitor the employee’s progress. A facility with these types of treatments also offers a dedicated return to work policy. This means they are fully dedicated to the employee’s recovery and return to work.

Flu season will be arriving very shortly. A facility that offers comprehensive occupational medicine can perform corporate flu shots to the employees. This can be performed at the company’s location or at the facility itself. This service helps to protect employees from lengthy absences if they should contract the flu. This service can save thousands of dollars in lost productivity due to the flu. Various lab tests such as blood, urine, TB test, EKG’s and BAT can be performed inside of this facility. This type of facility is easy to work with because they become familiar with the employees that they treat all in one location.

Eastside Urgent Care has extended hours to serve the needs of employees that work various shifts and are in need of medical care. Results from drug tests and physicals will be available promptly after a visit by the employee or prospective employee. Enjoy the convenience an urgent care has to offer.

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