Signs Your Used Car Is A Lemon

Signs Your Used Car Is A Lemon

Today, it is easier to buy a reliable used car than ever before. However, many people still end up with a lemon. That is why you may need a lemon law attorney. There are several signs that indicate that your used car is a lemon.

Knocking and Hissing Sounds

Your senses may tell you whether you have brought a used car. You should not hear any knocking or hissing sounds. A knocking sound may indicate that there is a problem with your engine. A hissing sound may indicate that there is fluid leaking. Any strange noise that you hear should be immediately investigated.

Skimpy Warranty

Many used car dealers will give you a low price because the warranty is skimpy. You do not want to buy a car with a skimpy warranty. If the warranty is not sufficient, then you will end up having to pay thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.

Pulling or Shaking

Some issues are not apparent until you take the car out on the highway. If you notice pulling and shaking when you accelerate, then this is a sign that you have brought a lemon. This is a safety issue.

Mismatched paint

If you have noticed mismatched paint on your car, then you have likely purchased a lemon. Mismatched paint may indicate that your car has been in a serious accident. The dealer may have attempted to hide the damage with paint. That is why it is important to check the vehicle history before you buy the car.

Strong Smells

If your car smells funny, then this is not something that you should ignore. The smell may be caused by burnt oil. A car that is functioning properly should not smell at all.

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