Room Additions Don’t Have To Be Big To Make A Big Impact

Room Additions Don’t Have To Be Big To Make A Big Impact

Many people absolutely love their home; they love the location, the amenities, their neighbors, etc but they need more space. As the family grows perhaps a bigger bathroom is in order or perhaps a little more room in the kitchen would make meal preparation a lot more fun. Whatever the reason might be, San Antonio home improvement can quickly turn your dreams into reality.

When you are thinking about home additions, think out of the box, there are more ways to give you what you want for less money and inconvenience. Give some serious thought to micro-additions or as some call them, “bump outs.”

What is a micro-addition?

A micro-addition, or bump out as they are often called is a neat way to add more space to a room. These little home improvement projects add useable space, the result is a home that serves your needs better and improves its value.

With a micro-addition there is usually no need for a foundation extension and no need to add to the HVAC system. As this approach is typically less expensive than a full blown room addition it is an attractive proposition. There is one caveat though, a micro-addition will give you the same dramatic results that a true room addition will, remember; you’re really not adding a room, you are adding space. If your San Antonio home improvement ideas include a whole new room, this approach will not suffice.

There are benefits:

Perhaps the biggest benefit is cost. There is much more to building a true room addition, a bump-out more or less expands on what is already there. Although you may need an electrician or a plumber, depending on what room you are dealing with, you can eliminate roof extensions because they often use a flat roof.

A micro-extension has minimal impact on the exterior configuration of your house, a good designer and contractor can blend the home improvement in to the current design and landscaping.

A San Antonio home improvement project does not have to be big or expensive to give you the results you want. To discuss the options available you are invited to contact the experts at Shaw Company Remodeling.

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