Two Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Problems

Two Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Problems

If your home has air conditioning, chances are eventually you are going to experience some type of problem. While a range of potential issues exist, certain ones are more common. If you want to cut down on non-essential visits by technicians, you need to recognize the signs. This will help you recognize when and when not to leave the problem to an expert.

Faulty Installation

Sometimes, the fault is truly not your own. The system may be malfunctioning or operating improperly because of faulty installation. The technician who originally installed the air conditioning system may have failed to follow manufacturer’s instruction. He or she may have been inexperienced and failed to connect a component correctly.

On the other hand, if you are a DIY person, the responsibility may indeed rest with you. The complexity of the air conditioner could have played a role in your inability to address the situation correctly. You could have been in a hurry or even misunderstood the directions. In either situation, and as a result from you or an unqualified professional, there could be leaky ducts, improper airflow. Such problems may manifest themselves immediately or not occur until a later date.

Inadequate Maintenance

By far the most common problem is inadequate or improper maintenance of your air conditioner. This can range from neglecting to change your filters to dirty coils. The former will produce inadequate and impure airflow; the latter results in poor functioning. If you fail to address these two components of your air conditioning system, it will not function at its best. Other serious problems can arise if you fail to notice refrigerant leaks or clogs in the condensate drain.

Air Conditioning

If you want to avoid problems, make certain you install the system correctly. Follow this up with regular maintenance. If you are proactive and call in a technician when needed, your will be able to enjoy your air conditioning system for its duration.

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