Bring all Communication Together with a Radio Over IP Gateway

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Business & Economics

The world is full of new and exciting ways to communicate with people around the world, as well as more traditional methods which have been around for over a century but updated to keep pace with the modern world. Each medium of communication has its own uses which are well and good where they apply, but sometimes you need to be able to connect people using a variety of communication methods over a large area. This is not an impossible feat, and can actually be accomplished quite easily with the implementation of radio over IP gateways. Your business can take advantage of the many connectivity options available and bring them together to provide communication which spans great distances and crosses several kinds of technology.

Radio Over IP Gateway Supports Many Communications

There are many communication services and protocols which can be supported by a RoIP gateway, and some you might not think of at first. These include:

  • CDMA
  • GSMM
  • IP phones
  • Radio
  • Field Phones

These are some of the most commonly used services which can be supported, but there are a host of others which could take a long time to name. And radio over IP gateways can easily connect with communication equipment of all shapes and sizes to form a cohesive network out of many different facets. Think of linking up telephones and radios with intercom systems and creating a communication network that can span many times the original area and bring various teams of a single unit into regular and reliable contact. It can make communication for both commercial and non-commercial use much more flexible and employable in environments which usually allow for limited communication.

Span Great Distances with Radio Over IP Gateways

One of the biggest advantages that RoIP gateways bring to their users is the ability to create reliable communication which covers great geographical distances, especially in areas which are remote and not technologically plugged-in. These areas present a challenge because whether it is a lack of population or an abundance of tough to manage regulations it can be impossible to stay in the constant contact desired. Some real world instances of this can include oil pipelines, remote research facilities, military operations, etc. You just don’t always know where you are going or what kind of resources can be found when you get there. Radio over IP gateways provide excellent points of interconnection so users on field phones can speak to a team of experts halfway around the world sitting at a computer desk. The point is that they can be adjusted and adapted to fit the needs of many different situations and offer an almost all-inclusive solution to communication needs.

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