Remove Pet Odors Without Using Chemicals

Remove Pet Odors Without Using Chemicals

Owning a puppy is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. Puppies are adorable, but being a puppy owner is not all fun and games.

Potty training a puppy definitely falls under the “challenging” column, and even by the time the puppy learns to take its business outside and not all over the newly-bought living room carpet, it’s probably too late. The smell of urine has already seeped into every inch of the house. After months of being used as an emergency toilet, what was once a beautiful foyer is now more reminiscent of the dog pound down the block.

The odor is the worst part about urine-;it’s one of the most pervasive smells on earth, and the longer it sits, the worse the smell becomes.

Puppies always find the strangest places to relieve themselves. Usually, those hidden places, like deep in the recesses of a storage closet, can go unnoticed for weeks on end, causing a buildup of nasty odors. Nothing is worse than opening an unused closet and being hit with the smell of old urine.

The staff at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital in Olathe KS is more than familiar with this problem. They also realize that puppies are not always the culprit. Older dogs that have lost a lot of control over their bladders can cause this problem. If an older dog cannot make it outside in time, they may go inside the house. The dogs themselves can’t be blamed, but it can still be incredibly frustrating for pet owners.

One solution that some pet owners turn to is using chemical products, but here’s the thing: chemical-based products and sprays only serve to cover up the odor, not get rid of it completely. The bacteria and other toxins that cause the bad odors in the first place are still lurking underneath the chemical blanket, ready to pop up again at a moment’s notice.

To really get in there and eliminate any and all odors left behind, professionals suggest the use of vinegar to eliminate the odor. Vinegar does not contain any toxins, it does not stain the surfaces of your home, and it is able to get deep down in the material to kill the bacteria, which is what is causing the odor. For a truly clean-smelling house, professionals suggest ditching the chemicals for more natural, long-lasting results.

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