Reasons to Hire Drunk Driving Lawyers in Gilbert, AZ

A DUI conviction can cause a lot of stress for a family beyond the initial fines and penalties. There are several things that can happen after a person is convicted of driving drunk that can add undue stress to the innocent members of a family, including the spouse and children. The most obvious are that the person will likely not be able to drive for a period of time. This means they will have to rely on other people for rides to work or school and could throw off the regular family routine. Drunk driving lawyers in Gilbert, AZ, may be able to successfully plead the driver’s case to the Department of Motor Vehicles and reduce or eliminate the suspension period.

Another problem that families often have when one of the adults is arrested for DUI is the loss of income. Whether or not their job involved driving, a conviction could jeopardize their employment. After losing a job for this reason, it can be difficult to get another one. Financial problems can add a considerable amount of stress to a family that may already be struggling to pay their bills while drunk driving lawyers in Gilbert, AZ, defend the driver in court. When the person who was caught driving under the influence was the primary breadwinner, this loss of income may lead to serious financial troubles.

Although an arrest may cause some stress to a family, it is generally much easier to overcome than the stress of a conviction. The ideal thing to do after a drunk driving arrest is to contact an attorney like those at the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C., to provide representation in all of the court proceedings up to and including the trial. With an attorney representing them, a person is more likely to avoid a conviction and all the consequences that go along with it, than if the person represented themselves. Finding a qualified attorney can be as easy as starting with an Internet search. By searching sites like , a family could find out information that might help them resolve their legal problems and avoid the troubles that often go along with a conviction.

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