Recommended Flooring Types In Plainfield

Recommended Flooring Types In Plainfield

While you can find almost any flooring options in Plainfield, there are six that are considered the most popular. You may want to consider such options, as they may be the most suitable for your home and needs. The three most popular options include ceramic tile, hardwood, and laminate. More unique and high-end options include marble, cork, and bamboo.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an excellent option if you need something that’s waterproof. It’s used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even as countertops and other ways. Likewise, they can be used inside and outside the home. You can find a wide variety of finishes, including texture for anti-slip options, glazed and embossed.


Another favorite is hardwood flooring in Plainfield. Nothing beats the beauty and timeless class that it offers. You can find Pine, Oak, Cherry, Pecan, Beech, Maple and many other wood options. Likewise, they can last for years and can be easy to maintain with the right products. Just note that some hardwood darkens with age and may need to be refinished periodically.


If you need something that is inexpensive but long-lasting and durable, laminate could be the answer. It is strong enough to resist chipping, scratching, and burns, and works well in high-traffic areas like kitchens and foyers. It can also be easy to install and maintain.


More high-end options can include marble, cork, and bamboo. While these can be harder to maintain, they are still a beautiful addition to the home. Likewise, you can find marble tiles that are easy to install. Cork can be more expensive but will be easier to stand and walk upon. Likewise, bamboo is durable and considered a green solution, though it can be costly.

Flooring in Plainfield can be just as unique as anything else in the home. Visit Best Buy Carpet and Granite now to start searching for your perfect floor.

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