Questions to Ask Local Movers When This Task Is New to You

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Moving

Your friends, family and colleagues may be helpful when they suggest that you organize a checklist of questions to ask any potential local movers in Charlotte NC, before you move home and to help you make the best selection from the choice of companies available.

Before You Move

For peace of mind, it is better to settle on a company that has been recommended to you after individuals have successfully completed a move with the specific business. Where this is not possible, your checklist must provide answers to every question that you need to ask.

Your local movers in Charlotte, NC, should visit your home so they can confirm the size of vehicle required to move all your possessions. A company that provides information online or over the telephone may need to charge you more if your home contents fill more than the space you described.

Finding out the price of the packing service by your local movers in Charlotte, NC, will let you know if you can afford to have a professional company remove the stress from the move, by packing all your home possessions, shipping them to the new location and unpacking for you, when you arrive.

Special Equipment Required?

By showing the moving company the contents of your property and yard, they will be able to let you know if they require any special heavy lifting equipment or anything else that affects their decisions necessary for the move. Should you choose to pack yourself, the moving company may be able to provide you with boxes for you to complete the task.

By talking with the moving company, you will find out how experienced they are at moving contents in a manner that matches your requirements. You may be moving across the same neighborhood, but conversely you may be moving cross-country and will need to understand how the process will work as it cannot be completed in one day.

One of the largest sections on your checklist will be to enquire about the method of insurance used to cover all your possessions while they are being packed, moved to the new location and unpacked.

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