Pruning Branches And Other Tree Services

If a young fruit tree has a few damaged branches, pruning them will promote healthy growth and improve the appearance of a property. The following steps describe how to prune branches with basic equipment and care for a tree throughout the year.


* safety gear

* ladder

* pruning shears

* rake

* water hose

* sprinkler system

* pesticide injection kit

Assessing Damage And Pruning Branches

A tree should be visually inspected to determine which branches need to be clipped. The same amount should be trimmed from each branch, if possible, so that a tree maintains a symmetrical appearance and is less prone to weather damage. Safety gear should be worn while branches are being cut, including a harness, goggles, and work gloves. A pair of pruning shears can be used to create cuts that are at an angle. Several cuts may need to be made in order to eliminate damaged sections. Tugging on branches or twisting damaged sections should be avoided because permanent damage could occur.

Watering A Tree And Treating Pests

A water hose or sprinkler system can be used to add water to the soil that surrounds the base of a tree. If any pests were spotted on tree leaves or branches, a pesticide injection kit will eliminate them and protect a tree from additional infestations. A pesticide injection kit will provide protection for several months. Many kits contain a syringe and pesticide. After small holes are created in the bottom of a tree, a syringe can be used to add a pesticide to each one. Pesticides will eliminate a variety of pests and will not harm a tree.

Hiring A Professional Company

If an individual does not have any experience using a pesticide kit, they should hire professional Tree Services to assist them. Timberline Tree Service and other Tree Services will maintain the health of an existing tree and will remove stumps or dead trees that are on a residential or commercial piece of property. If mulching equipment is used to remove trees or stumps, mulch pieces can be placed around plants and shrubs to add beauty to land and to prevent weeds from growing.

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