Top Signs That You Need Septic System Repairs in Troy, OH

Top Signs That You Need Septic System Repairs in Troy, OH

Septic systems direct water from toilets, sinks, and bathtubs into a tank before they are deposited into a field later on. While some sewer repairs and maintenance may be covered by the municipality you live in, your septic system on your property is your responsibility to maintain. If you are having septic system issues, you will want to have them corrected as soon as possible.

Many homeowners don’t think much about their septic system until they run into issues with it. However, not everyone knows what to look for in order to recognize that they are having septic tank issues. Here are the top signs that you need septic system repairs in Troy, OH.

Slow Draining

If your sinks and tub are draining slower than usual, you may be having septic issues. A well-maintained and functioning septic system should allow for quick and effortless draining. Otherwise, you may need to seek septic system repairs.

Pooling Water

You may notice pooling water in your backyard if your septic system is backed up. This may cause patchy growth in your backyard, where some spots are more lush than others. Any other lawn changes may also indicate a septic-caused issue.

Sometimes, the opposite may occur as well. Patches of dead grass may be caused by a leaking or backed-up septic tank. If you need septic system repairs, be sure to contact a trusted septic repair professional or company to help get your home’s septic functions back to normal.

Foul Smells

If the drains inside your home smell foul, you may have a septic issue. Usually, foul smells that can be detected near drains or outside near your septic tank indicate an issue with your system. You will need to have a professional come out to check your septic system. Contact Wiley Well Drilling for more information.

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