Pros and Cons of Lip Waxing

Nobody wants to have extra hair grow where they don’t want it. In the case of women, it’s actually relatively common to have some hairs above the lips. These hairs may be barely noticeable or extremely noticeable depending on their color and thickness. Many women prefer to get rid of these extra hairs. This can be done through shaving, tweezing, threading or waxing. Understanding the pros and cons of Lip Waxing may make the decision of how to get rid of lip hairs a little bit easier.

Potential Benefits

Lip Waxing is one of the relatively inexpensive ways to get rid of a little mustache. It can be done pretty quickly, usually taking just a few minutes. Unlike tweezing, which can result in the hairs coming back within just a week, it’s pretty long lasting. People may be able to wait between six and eight weeks before going back to get their lips waxed again. Better yet, it also helps make it so that hair grows back finer than it was originally. This is better than with shaving, which doesn’t make the hair grow back thicker like the old wives’ tales suggest, but doesn’t help it grow back thinner either.

Potential Considerations

Waxing lips isn’t without its risks, however. Some people are allergic to the ingredients used in the wax solution, so it’s a good idea to ask the aesthetician to use the wax that’s least likely to cause problems. Even in people who aren’t allergic to the wax, it can make the area waxed red and may even cause bleeding. Finally, it isn’t a pain-free process. This shouldn’t be surprising since it involves pulling hair out by the roots. However, some people may be surprised to hear that the area can be tender for a whole day after it’s been waxed. Some people find threading to be a bit less painful, but others find the opposite to be true. Threading is less likely to cause swelling and redness, however, and has many of the other benefits of waxing for those who can’t tolerate the wax.

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