5 Questions to Ask When Replacing Home Roofs

Whether it involves new Roofs or repairs to an existing roof, homeowners need contractors who are insured, professional, established and backed by a warranty. To find the right roofer, the customer should consider certain factors such as those listed below. Read on to find several questions to ask potential roofing companies.

Is the Company Licensed and Insured?

Roofing contractors like Domain Website should have enough worker’s compensation and liability coverage to protect the customer and workers from accidents. Before signing a contract, the homeowner should ask and verify proof of insurance.

Does the Contractor Belong to any Professional Associations?

The Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and roofing associations set high standards for contractors to meet. By knowing which associations a roofer belongs to, a customer can get an idea of the level of service to be expected.

What’s the Policy on Workmanship?

Workmanship guarantees cover issues arising after a job is finished. Most warranties are in effect for up to a year, but some are longer. More important than the length of the warranty, however, is a company that’s willing to honor it. Customers should find out how a roofer handles complaints and meets deadlines before they make a hiring decision.

How Long Has the Company Been in the Business?

If the company has been in the area for many years, it may indicate that they offer a high level of quality in workmanship and customer service. Additionally, established roofers have a stable business location, and a larger customer base that’s willing to provide recommendations.

Does the Company Offer Written Contracts and Estimates?

All pricing and specifications of a roofing job should be offered in writing. When asking for estimates, customers should find out if the roofer requires a deposit. Most do, but homeowners should avoid companies that request more than one-third of the total cost as an upfront payment.

New Roofs are a significant investment, and most people only have to pay for it once or twice in their lifetime. Because it’s so costly, customers should compare multiple local roofers to get the best possible price. By conducting research and shopping around, homeowners can save while getting the roofing repairs they need.

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