4 Common Types Of Floor Plans In Gulfport MS

4 Common Types Of Floor Plans In Gulfport MS

The floor plan is a simple line drawn in blueprint to scale showing house rooms as they are viewed from above. The doorways, windows, and walls are always drawn to scale. Floor plans are used to show the perimeter and size of the building including its interior living space. There are different Floor Plans Gulfport MS available today, and they are:

One story floor plan: In this floor plan, both the sleeping and living space are on the same level. It is the best design for people who do not want stairs in their houses. The construction costs of this type of floor plan is high and more land is needed to establish a one story floor home compared to other types of Floor Plans Gulfport MS. The cooling and heating costs may also be high since the home has more exterior surfaces.

Two story floor plan: This floor plan is less expensive to establish and it is also more economical to heat and cool than the one story floor. It has more living space for interior possibilities such as vaulted ceiling and stairs. Its cons come to installation of stairs since they take up a lot of space in the interior.

Three story floor plan: Homes built using this kind of plan are similar to a two-story home, but they have a high pitched roof design. They have more rooms compared with the two-story homes, and their basement is well finished.

Multifamily floor plan: Multiple families share house in this sort of home plan. The good thing with this type of home plan is that it cost way much less than single-story floorplan because the family shares the walls and the land. It is a good idea however to use good soundproofing when building a multi family floor plan as noises can be a problem. Some of the examples of multi-family homes include duplexes, apartment suites, townhouses as well as condo.

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