Properly Conducting A Flood Cleanup in Monterey CA

When a home or business becomes filled with water from a flood condition, steps will need to be quickly administered to help reduce damage. There are many steps to take to ensure the area is safe to access once again. Here are some steps to follow when doing a flood cleanup in Monterey CA.

First the water will need to be completely removed from the area. It is important that anyone accessing the area puts on appropriate clothing to protect their skin. Harmful bacteria can be present within flood water. Waders, gloves, and waterproof clothing is best.

If there is no power in the area, the water will need to be taken out via bucket. If there is a power source nearby, a water pump can be used to do the process faster. Either way, the water will need to be redirected to an area away from the structure, preferably at a lower ground level than the foundation so there is no chance of the water getting back inside.

After the bulk of water is removed, there will be some puddles left behind. These can be sopped up with several towels. The area will need to be dried in its entirety. To do this, any carpeting should be taken out of the area. Carpet padding acts like a sponge, keeping water contained underneath the carpet as a result. This can cause harmful mold to grow.

Set down several oscillating fans when power is restored to the area. Open the windows and doors in the area to help promote cross-ventilation. This will help dry the area quickly. A dehumidifier can be used to remove moisture from the air as well.

Any object, the walls, and floor will need to be cleansed with a bleach solution to help remove any bacteria that may be left behind. Since mold spores are present in floor water, and the atmosphere is prime for its growth, a mold removing spray should be used on these areas as well. Calling a professional flood restoration service is best when dealing with a Flood Cleanup in Monterey CA. They will handle all aspects to make sure the structure is restored in a quick manner.

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