Safety Precautions to Use for Grain Bins in Oregon

Grain bins are a major part of grain production. These storage facilities hold grain until the grain is used or until its transported to another location. Due to the numerous hazards that can occur when an operator enters a grain bin, safety precautions should be used at all times. The following guidelines can assist with safe grain bin entry.

Two of the primary risks involved in grain bin entry are engulfment and suffocation. Engulfment can occur from flowing grain or an accumulation of grain on one side of the grain bin. It only takes approximately 22 seconds for a person to be completely covered by grain. Being unable to get air or oxygen can result in serious personal injury or even death. When an operator has to enter a grain bin, turn off and disconnect all mechanical equipment. Grain should not be moved until a person is completely out of the grain bin. Moving grain can create a suction that pulls the worker into the grain in seconds.

Also, it’s essential to avoid entering a grain bin where bridging occurs. Grain can clump together because of mold or moisture. As grain is moved out of the grain bin, this can result in a void beneath the clump of grain (bridging). Walking on this bridge can cause in engulfment in just a few seconds. These bridges should be broken up with a long tool before grain bin entry.

In addition, children should never enter Grain Bins in the Oregon area for any reason. Three people should be involved with every grain bin entry. It takes two people to effectively lift an operator out of a grain bin. An operator should wear a safety harness and use a rope for guidance. Walk near the wall in case the grain starts to flow. Also, know where the exits are in a grain bin.

Following OSHA regulations on grain bin entry can improve the safety factor of working in these structures. It will also help a grain bin owner avoid federal and state fines. For information on Grain Bins in Oregon, please talk to an expert at Leon James Construction Co., Inc. This business can handle numerous types of equipment to help with grain handling and feed/seed processing.

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