Preventive Dental Care in Tulsa OK Is Crucial for Keeping Children Healthy

Preventive Dental Care in Tulsa OK Is Crucial for Keeping Children Healthy

Although it is difficult to generalize population characteristics across an entire state, the state of Oklahoma shows distinct problems regarding the oral health of young children. Around 17 percent of the state’s residents do not have any dental insurance. Studies have shown that more than half of the state’s children develop tooth decay before or during elementary school. Preventive Dental Care in Tulsa OK is crucial for helping children stay as healthy as possible.

Children’s Dental Health in Tulsa County

Tulsa County fares better than much of the state regarding pediatric dental care, according to the Governor’s Task Force on Children and Oral Health. This region has the lowest prevalence of untreated tooth decay in children, although the percentage is still troubling, at around 19 percent. More than half of the area’s children do have dental sealants placed on their teeth to prevent cavities, which is promising.

Professional Preventive Care

Professional Preventive Dental Care in Tulsa OK includes not only sealants but regular checkups and teeth cleanings for youngsters, along with fluoride treatments if a child is prone to cavities. Tooth decay actually is considered a disease that causes the enamel and, gradually, the interior parts of the tooth to rot away. In fact, this is the most common childhood disease, according to medical professionals. The removal of tooth decay and the filling of the tooth stop the decay from spreading.

Preventive Strategies at Home

At home, brushing with fluoride toothpaste two or three times a day is a significant preventive measure. Fluoride strengthens enamel and can even reverse a minimal amount of surface decay that has just begun. Parents should not let their children sip on sugary drinks throughout the day or habitually eat sugary foods. Even when children have sealants, those applications are only on top of teeth in back, so the rest of the teeth are still at risk of cavities.

Parents can schedule appointments for a checkup and teeth cleaning for their youngsters at a clinic such as Kid’s Dental in Tulsa. If they’d like to read more about this particular dental practice, they can do so at

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