House Painting Tips

House Painting Tips

Is the paint faded or peeling on your home? If so, you should consider painting to avoid major problems. Once paint starts to peel you have some work to do, before applying a new coat of paint. Here are some common tips residential and commercial painting pros recommend for painting a house in Indianapolis, IN.

Timing is Essential

The season can make a big difference on a paint job. When there is dry weather, is the best time for painting. August is typically one of the wettest months in central Indiana, so in late summer consider waiting a month or so or hiring a professional painter. Companies like Flora Brothers Painting can take care of your needs any time of the year. They have all the right equipment and years of experience.

Do Not Go Cheap

If you buy whatever paint is on sale, you could end up with some major problems in a few years. It may cost a little more for high-quality paint, but you get longer life, and your house will look good for years. This is why a professional painting company only uses the best materials. Cheaper paint may not last as long as the better paints and colors could fade easier too.

Cheap brushes are not a good idea either. They do not cover well, and you may end up with bristles in your paint. If you plan to use rollers, use good quality rollers for the best coverage.

Replace Rotted Wood

If your siding or facia boards are rotted, you need to replace them. Even the best paint will not adhere to the damaged or rotted wood. It is time-consuming and more expensive to replace wood, but if you want a good exterior painting job, it is a must.

For the best results, contact your house painting pros about an estimate for the work.

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