Practicing Proper Carpet Care in Maple Grove MN

When someone purchases new carpet, maintenance procedures become important, so the carpeting appears new for many years to come. This will also prolong the life of the carpet, saving it from premature wear. Here is a few Carpet Care in Maple Grove MN tips that will help keep new carpet looking its best.

Remove Surface Dirt

Dirt can build up rather quickly on carpeting due to normal foot traffic and dust that gets inside homes via windows or doors. To make sure carpets appear clean, regular vacuuming can help diminish the appearance of dirt build-up. The setting should be tweaked depending on the shag of the carpet, so the vacuum cleaner is not too close to the material if the threads are prone to pulling. A crevice tool or soft-bristled brush can also be used to do spot removal when dirt is seen on the surface.

Doing Deeper Cleaning

Some carpets will require deeper cleaning should stains be present within the carpet fibers. The material the carpet is made from will make a difference in the type of cleaner that should be used. When in doubt, the owner can use a homemade solution made from vinegar and water. This is virtually safe on all carpeting (except for those with known dyes such as an oriental rug). The solution can be put into a spray bottle and spritzed upon the carpet to freshen it instantly. Steam cleaning is used on carpets with intense grungy areas. This can be done whenever a stain sets within the fibers to help remove the material from within.

Remove Stains Properly

When a stain looks inevitable, the risk of it settling into the carpet can be minimized by using proper stain care procedures. The stain should be blotted instead of rubbed with a piece of material. This will contain the stain to one area, making it less likely to spread throughout the carpeting. The stain can be treated with a proper stain removal cleaner.

Speaking with a professional who works at a carpet installation service like Abbey Carpet & Remodeling ensures the carpeting purchased will receive the proper care. They will be able to give the buyer instructions in Carpet Care in Maple Grove MN that will pertain to the material the carpeting is made from, allowing the buyer to feel confident that the carpeting will be maintained properly.

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