When Carpet Cleaning Services in Meridian Are Needed To Remove Stains

Most people try their best to keep their carpeting from becoming stained as it will take away from the beauty of their floors. When an unfortunate spill does occur on carpeting, there are a few steps to take to minimize the risk of it becoming a noticeable stain.

After the spill happens, any solid matter should be removed before dealing with the liquid portion. This can be done by grabbing the pieces with a paper towel or clean piece of cloth. The liquid part of the spill should be blotted with a clean piece of cloth from the exterior edges of the spill toward the middle portion. This will help to contain the staining in one area of the carpet rather than dragging it through additional unaffected fibers. Rubbing a stain will push it into the material, making it harder to remove as a result. If the stain is covering a large area of the carpeting, using a business that specializes in Carpet Cleaning Services in Meridian would be best.

If the carpeting can withstand moisture, a mixture of vinegar and water can be applied to the stained area. Place a few teaspoons of vinegar into a spray bottle and add warm water. A piece of clean cloth can then be used to re-blot the area, removing the stain in the process. Some stains will require a bit more power than others. Tea, wine, coffee, blood or vomit are a bit tougher to remove. Instead of using vinegar, substitute with ammonia. Use the same process in spraying and blotting to remove the stain from the carpet.

If spills are left in place instead of being removed immediately, finding someone who deals with Carpet Cleaning Services in Meridian is a better option for getting the stain out of the carpet safely. Someone will come to the home or business and they will be able to treat the carpet properly without needing to remove it from the floor. Calling a company like Servicemaster Clean or a similar business would have favorable results as the workers would be able to remove the stain safely and promptly without damaging the fibers of the flooring in the process.

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