Planning For Your First Tour On Power Yacht Charters From St. John

Traveling the United States Virgin Islands, or between the USVI and the British Virgin Islands using power yacht charters from St. John is a great opportunity to see the area.

By traveling in luxury and style on one of the smaller or larger power yacht charters, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of the time you have the charter. By talking to your captain, you can modify your itinerary to spend more time in one area, which is perfect for those first-time visitors to the islands or those who know just where they want to see again.

If you are going on one of the many power yacht charters departing from St. John, there are a few things you will need to know before you depart. By having this information in advance, you can plan your day and know what you need to bring and what you will already find onboard.

Shoes and Footwear
For a half-day trip or multiple day power yacht charters, footwear is going to be an important consideration. Most yachts have beautiful wood decks and floors throughout, so you will not be able to wear street shoes or hard soled shoes or heels onboard.

Soft soled sandals, flip flops or boat shoes are all great options. Of course, you can also enjoy going barefoot as well. For going ashore bring your regular shoes, just remember to change before walking on the deck.

Snorkeling and Diving Equipment
For those with their own snorkeling or diving equipment, talk to the staff of power yacht charters before bringing the equipment on board. They will provide storage areas if you require your own gear that is bigger than just masks, fins and snorkels.

Most of the popular tourist beaches that power yacht charters stop will have equipment rental facilities. Most yachts will also have paddle boards, water lounges and floats on board for your use.

Food and Drink
Always check with the power yacht charters as to what is provided on board and what you will need to bring with regards to food and drink. The best charters will provide beverages and snacks for shorter trips, and they will also provide meals on the full-day and longer charters.

Typically for the longer power yacht charters from St. John the trip will be arranged so passengers can go ashore for meals, and the crew and captain will be more than happy to provide recommendations for things to do and restaurants to visit while ashore.

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