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Hiking is a remarkable experience. It allows us to get close to nature in a refreshing, hands-on and personal way. Unlike touring by horse, train, car, boat or ATV, it is a deeply connecting experience, bringing the hiker and the environment together in a way simply not possible with other options.

At BCA Tours, we focus on outdoor adventure tours. The tours are designed to match the specific ability level of our clients, from those on their first hike to experienced hikers with years of hiking throughout Western Canada.

For those with experience in hiking with outdoor adventure tours in Alberta, the British Columbia experience is very different. Not only are there some dramatic sights, but there is the added benefit of hiking the West Coast Trail, the Rockwall Trail or on Vancouver Island, definitely different than the typical hikes throughout the other western provinces.

What to Expect

Hiking adventures and trekking tours in BC can vary based on the location and the degree of difficulty the group or individual wants to consider. There are some easier hikes which still provide amazing scenery. For most hikes, the guides can accommodate different fitness levels from beginners on their first hike to experienced hikers who want to be able to see the best locations.

These hikes can include camping tours, with all the amenities included. This includes meals on the trail, tents and necessary equipment, with options for rental of any equipment hikers may not own.

When planning group adventure tours, it is important to share the information about the group. The guide will ask about experience and equipment when organizing the hike. They can also arrange to have rentals and coordinate the route and the trek to match the level appropriate for the participants.

Take the time to compare different guide services. Verify the company has ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) staff as well as Wilderness First Aid Responder certified staff for any hike.

At BCA Tours, we offer amazing options for outdoor adventure tours through the most amazing natural spaces in the province of British Columbia. To find out more, see us online at website.

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