Personal Safety Alarms Belong in Your College Student’s Essentials Bag!

Personal Safety Alarms Belong in Your College Student’s Essentials Bag!

One of the most exciting and nerve-wracking periods of any parent’s life centers on her grown child’s first days at college or away from home. While university campuses are presumed to be very safe, the fact that most represent a rather accurate cross section of society should make people understand that there are dangers to consider. As society includes a vast array of criminally minded people, it should come as no shock that among the academically minded and generally good people attending classes at college, there are those who might represent a threat to your children. Furthermore, even if every person at any university were exemplary, there would be dangers lurking in the city that supports it. Personal safety alarms, then, should be staples for campus life for both men and women.

Protection Against Robbery

Everyone should be prepared to protect her/himself against robbery, but few people actually know how to defend proper physical defense. No one should come to blows over a purse or a wallet, but most would-be robbers could be easily thwarted if a high-pitched, very effective alarm were used to distract them and to call attention to them from passersby and police.

Defense Against Sexual Assault

One of the most deplorable crimes facing many men and women involves sexual assault or harassment. Those who are not able to defend themselves against such abuse often suffer with its affects for years to come. Rapists and others prone to physical attacks tend to shy away from attention. Any person who has personal safety alarms at his or her disposal stands a much better chance of deterring anyone who might harm them in such a way.

Assistance for Medical Issue

Just about anyone might someday suffer a medical emergency. Often, injured people find it difficult to make contact with help. Personal safety alarms make it easy to gain the attention of those who might assist.

With as many dangers as Americans face these days, it makes extremely good sense to include personal safety alarms in care packages and general school supplies for college students. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

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