What to Expect from a Commercial Locksmith in Houston, TX

The primary difference between a residential and Commercial Locksmith in Houston TX is, of course, that residential locksmiths focus on homes, while commercial locksmiths serve stores, offices, warehouses, and other commercial buildings. Many locksmiths do provide both commercial and residential services, of course, but that doesn’t mean that business owners should just assume they can call any locksmith when they want to upgrade their store’s security. Instead, look for a locksmith that offers the following dedicated commercial services.

Keyless Entry Locks

The majority of commercial business owners prefer keyless entry locks over traditional locks, as they offer far more control over who has access to different parts of the building and when. With electronic locks, business owners or managers can allow their employees access to the parts of the building they use during business hours without offering them unlimited access to the entire building. This helps to keep secure areas safe and protects the company from the risk of potential malicious acts by employees.

Fire Exit Devices

The building codes for commercial businesses require a certain number of fire exits, which require different technologies and hardware solutions than ordinary keyless entry doors. Thankfully, a Commercial Locksmith in Houston TX can offer solutions that are in compliance with local fire and safety codes but don’t sacrifice overall building security. This allows business owners to ensure that their employees and customers will be safe if a fire does occur without worrying about disreputable folks using their fire doors to make a quick escape.

Buzzer Entry Lock Installation

Many commercial businesses need to be able to buzz in clients or customers without offering them unlimited access or an actual physical copy of the building’s key. Buzzer entry locks offer the perfect solution, as they allow for one-time admission without sacrificing long-term access control. Keep in mind, though, that these buzzer entry locks must also be installed and maintained according to certain municipal standards.

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Need to find a dedicated commercial locksmith who can help with new lock installations, fire exit device installation and maintenance, re-keying and master key creation, and more? Visit us website to learn about one local company’s commercial services today to get started. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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