Looking to Be Fire Smart? Purchase a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Looking to Be Fire Smart? Purchase a Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

If you want to fully protect your family, you need to be fire smart. This means taking the time to invest in a photoelectric smoke alarm. These systems are designed with your comfort and security in mind. As a result, there are numerous features that benefit homeowners of all types.

Receive Notifications

Thanks to its built-in Apple connectivity, these systems can notify you the moment they sense risk or danger. These notifications can be sent directly to your Apple device, no matter where you are in the world. As a result, you have a better chance of alerting the authorities early, mitigating the damage. These notifications are also handy in situations where noise-based ones are not suitable.

Lifetime Battery

Another perk of these types of alarms is that they come with a battery that lasts the lifetime of the device. You should replace your detection unit once every 10 years. However, you can trust that the battery inside is going to last for that entire time. This cuts down on a lot of stress by removing the pressure to conduct regular tests and replacements.

Two Levels of Protection

These devices are also capable of detecting more than just smoke. They can also alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide, as well as telling you the amount and precise location of the gas. This information can help you get your family out safely while also alerting authorities to the precise location of the leak, saving a lot of time. If you connect this device to others in your home, you can increase the range of protection you offer your family.

Being fire smart is the best way to protect your family. One way you can accomplish this goal is by purchasing a fire smart photoelectric smoke alarm from First Alert.

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