Performing Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh

Performing Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh

When a homeowner notices there are buzzing bumble bees in their backyard area, they will want to take the necessary steps in removing them promptly so family members are not at risk of injury. Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh can be done if the person knows the proper methods in handling the situation so they do not become hurt in the process. Here are some steps one can take in removing bumble bees from their back yard for good.

Know When To Try Removing Bees

It is best to battle bees during the early morning hours, before the sun comes out for the day. This is the time when bees are most likely nestled in their hive, allowing for many to be eradicated at one time as a result. Trying to kill bees during the daytime can lead to stinging incidents as they will most likely be very active at this time.

Know What To Wear To Do The Job

Wearing white clothing is best when trying to battle bees. When dark or bright colors are worn, bees tend to get aggravated. This is because they associate these colors with flowers, making them excited when they see them. It is best to wear a long-sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, and a hat when trying to battle bees. Placing a net over the head before putting on the hat is also helpful in avoiding stinging.

Know How To Spray The Hive

When spraying the bumble bee hive, it is best to stand behind a pole, tree, or another object if possible. This way after the spray hits the hive, the person can run for cover should any bees become agitated and come out of the hive to strike.

If someone needs help in performing Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh, they will want to hire a professional bee service to handle the job. The-Beeman is available to handle any type of bee control problem one has present. Simply browse the website to find out more about this business, including the services they offer. A call can then be made to schedule an appointment for a bee hive removal if desired.

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