Do You Know When to Look for Electricians in Lehigh Valley, PA?

Electricity is a necessity for any modern homeowner and sooner or later any home electrical system is going to need work. Electricity is a temperamental utility, depending on adequate service gateways or circuit breakers, adequate pipelines or wiring, and properly-wired fixtures and outlets. When any of these components start to fail, it affects the other components all the way up to the source, which is your breaker box or service panel. Whether you are having electrical problems that need repair or you’re updating or installing new electrical service, there is no substitute for professional electricians.

Symptoms of a Faulty Electrical System

As a homeowner, how exactly are you to know when you have an electrical problem? After all, electricity is invisible and the wiring that carries it is tucked behind walls, beneath floors, and above ceilings. Aside from defective appliances, electrical problems manifest in one or more common problems with identifiable symptoms that electricians in Lehigh Valley, PA will recognize.


Electricians know that faulty appliances or fixtures can generally be diagnosed by plugging in a known good appliance (or light bulb for lighting applications) and checking for proper operation. If one appliance works and another does not, that is generally an indicator of a defect in the latter. If neither appliance works, you likely have a problem upstream in either the wiring or a circuit breaker. Wiring problems are easily diagnosed by checking the voltage on the hot side of the circuit breaker in the on position. If the voltage is appropriate, the wiring is likely at fault, but if the voltage is absent, you can suspect the breaker.

When Should You Seek the Services of an Electrician?

Electricians are invaluable when it comes to any work that requires new or replacement wiring, whether that involves updating old wiring, adding new electrical outlets, or installing new light fixtures. Home renovation or addition projects are certain to require an electrician as building codes will require permits and inspection of the completed work. Click here for more information about electricians in your area.

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