Painless Parking Lot Paving

Having your parking lot paved and properly maintained by an asphalt company will increase your pavement’s life expectancy while considerably reducing your long-term costs.

Parking lot paving maintenance will vary between smaller amounts of work on the surface to large and time-consuming overhauls. Several steps must be taken when taking on the construction of a new parking lot pavement. Each step is vital to preserving your asphalt’s life expectancy. Asphalt can last for years on its own but heavy vehicles, regular impact, and harsh weather conditions can degrade asphalt considerably. It also takes only one crack to allow the penetration of water and irreversible damage.

  • 1. Regularly Inspect Your Pavement: Ensure that your lot is maintained by inspecting it periodically for signs of damage. If any is noted, remedial action should be taken as soon as possible. Contacting Colt Concrete & Asphalt can help in preventing unnecessary risks and hazards to the lot’s occupants.
  • 2. Reuse Existing Asphalt: Sometimes, certain areas of your asphalt can show more aging than other areas. In these types of scenarios, resurfacing might be a better choice than a full overhaul. Resurfacing can increase durability and thickness while increasing the lot’s life expectancy. Resurfacing also offers a significantly lower cost than replacement.
  • 3. Maintaining Manholes and Catch Basins: Noticing any lower areas of your asphalt surface is an important aspect of your parking lot paving maintenance. Manholes and catch basins need to be regularly maintained to correct or prevent damaging erosion. This can also be an early sign of pavement deterioration.

Maintenance of your parking lot doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Instead, turn towards a contractor that has the expertise to get the job done the first time. Repaving and resurfacing is not a small investment so why take the risk of spending a fortune down the road? You can also connect them on Facebook.

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