How to Choose Roofing Contractors in Louisville, KY

How to Choose Roofing Contractors in Louisville, KY

Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY provide a valuable service to homeowners and their families. After all, a home’s roof is what keeps its inhabitants and their possessions safe and dry. Of course, not all roofing contractors are as professional as they might seem at first glance.

It’s important to do a little bit of homework prior to choosing a contractor. Any roofing contractor who’s worth his weight should be able to provide the following proofs of competence and reliability.

License and Credentials

Any contractor or company chosen to install a new roof or repair an old one should be able to provide proof that they are employed by a legitimate business. Ask about licenses and official credentials right off the bat and rule out anyone who is hesitant to provide them.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Anyone who is working on the roof should be able to provide proof of insurance. Workers comp insurance protects not just the workers, but also the homeowners. Employing a company that doesn’t offer workers comp can lead to unexpected problems, primarily in the form of personal injury lawsuits, so ask for proof instead of just assuming the best.

General Liability Insurance

A contractor should always carry general liability insurance. It will ensure that should any damage occur during the process of performing repairs or installing a new roof, they will be covered. There’s nothing worse than entrusting a supposed professional with roof repairs only to find that it has brought on a whole host of new problems and there’s no insurance to cover them.

Local References and Testimonials

Working with a local contractor is always a better bet than negotiating over the phone with some big-name business that has no ties to the community. Ask for references, and make sure that at least a few of them are offered by locals. Testimonials can also be helpful, but bear in mind that the testimonials companies choose to share are always those that portray them in the most positive light.

Get a Written Estimate

It’s important to get written estimates from any Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY who may be entrusted with the job. Asking for an estimate doesn’t commit homeowners to employing the company; it just helps them get a better idea of what they will be paying for their services. Schedule service with a reliable company today to get started.

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